dns issues

eazy bsd eazybsd at
Fri Oct 27 07:04:16 UTC 2006

>> the two authxx ones below do not seem to be carrying its
>> records either.

> Is this issue at all related to the recent discussion of
> ...
> registrar) due to a DDoS being distributed across numerous

reachability is separate from records being present, so it's
unlikely. though if the records in question are being served
up via caching/forwarding servers or something's pooched in
the propagation paths, sure, bizarre looking things could crop
up. i've seen 3rd level domains go south for days because their
parent 2ld 'went away' and didn't have the glue to get to them
when they reappeared.

> See NANOG mailing list archives for details; thread is titled

<grins> with nanog all things are possible. i'll leave that
non-freebsd thread there and end this one here ;-]

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