Please suggest me how to become an official mirror for FreeBSD

Supada Laosooksathit supada at
Mon May 29 02:11:56 PDT 2006

Dear all,

I have sent an email with subject "Want to become an official mirror for 
FreeBSD". I do not know the administrator has received it or not. So, 
this time I resend this email again.

I am a network administrator of the Education Networks in Thailand. I 
want to build a mirror site for FTP fileset and also CVS repository. I 
have tried to mirror with CVSup but could not take any effect. So, what 
am I supposed to do to mirror FreeBSD using CVSup?

Thank you very much.


Supada Laosooksathit
Network Engineer
Inter University Network: UniNet
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: (66) 02 354 5678 ext. 5008
Fax: (66) 02 354 5678 ext. 5012
E-mail: supada at

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