freebsd mirroring/release strategy over the next 12 months ?

jason andrade jason at
Mon Jan 19 20:27:16 PST 2004


hopefully things have quietened down a bit after the 5.2 release.  ken
has been doing a bunch of work to bring the mirroring side of things
uptodate and i'm just wondering what the current status of things is
on the following issues:

o number of architectures being supported/released - is this likely to
  increase ? is there a definitive list now of which sites are carrying
  ALL architectures and which aren't in the official mirrors ?

o size of the freebsd archive - release and ISO images have been growing
  but the real killer has been the multi architecture packages trees.

  are there any plans to try and reduce this overall ? e.g not spin a
  packages tree of this size out for every architecture ?

o coordination of 'master' sync sites and 'tier1' mirrors - it's great
  that there is now a US and a Europe 'master' sync site.  is there a
  requirement to add any more ?  is again time for some cleanup on
  who is mirroring freebsd, how completely and how often ?

as 5.X release progresses i'm assuming by about 5.3/5.4 a *lot* of 4.X
people will be upgrading..

on a personal note, is there enough interest in doing some work on
the freebsd-archive project ?  at the very least historically it'd
be great to make all FreeBSD RELEASE trees available online from 1.0
onwards (does anyone still have pre 1.0 trees around somewhere?) even
if holding all the package trees is.. difficult.   does anyone have
original ISO images from walnut creek around also ?



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