FTP based sync mechanisms

Oliver Fromme olli at lurza.secnetix.de
Fri Jul 11 17:17:05 PDT 2003

jason andrade wrote:
 > On Thu, 10 Jul 2003, Ken Smith wrote:
 > > handle the file permissions properly.  That would mean the files
 > > that get created on the local system have the same permissions as
 > > the upstream site, and when the permissions get changed on the
 > > upstream site they get changed on the local system without triggering
 > > a new file download.

I've just spent a bit of time to add that feature to omi.
There's a new mirror option called "Permissions".  When
enabled, omi tries to parse the remote site's permission
modes and apply them to the locally mirrored files.

So, this is a simple example using the new feature:
$ omi -s ftp-master -r /pub/foo -l /mirror/foo -o +permissions
(-s specifies the server name, -r the remote directory,
-l the local directory, -o specifies mirror options.
Note that the order of command line options matters.)

I've put a snapshot here:

Extract, "make bsd", "make install".  Documentation is in
README.html and README.txt (whatever you prefer).

Beware, I've only done a few limited tests with the new
feature.  Don't throw bombs at me if it does a "rm -rf /"
on your disk or something like that ...

 > any such program should also have the ability to 'use local permissions
 > and ignore remote ones' such as rsync called with -rltvH rather than
 > -avH.
 > sometimes the remote site (master) has 'strange' permissions (e.g the
 > execute bit set) where i'd prefer simple umask settings (0644 result)
 > to default instead.

That's the default behaviour of omi.

 > well, that's my wishlist anyway.  oh and does omi have the ability
 > to do hard linking at this point or is that something that isn't
 > likely to happen with ftp based sync programs ?

That's very difficult to implement correctly (and in a
robust way).  I would recommend not to use hardlinks on
FTP servers.  That makes life a lot easier.  ;-)


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