ISO checksum error?

Rong-En Fan rafan at
Tue Dec 23 19:42:31 PST 2003

Hi all,

  I got following inconsistant md5 checksum on some ISO images,

  MD5 (5.2-RC2-i386-bootonly.iso) = da1928afac9a9c7e10dbae48c2b9bf8f
  MD5 (5.2-RC2-i386-disc2.iso) = bfd4caa6906f1aa61d3745c7126f5851
  MD5 (5.2-RC2-alpha-bootonly.iso) = ce438caac27fc97e1c0b2b6206ce71f6

  But the CHECKSUM.MD5 says
  MD5 (5.2-RC2-i386-bootonly.iso) = 3b00c38d6900d3abe15c6377040ef2ec
  MD5 (5.2-RC2-i386-disc2.iso) = 65f2ed4ad468f6b7ef8d3eaa6bf3b5f8
  MD5 (5.2-RC2-alpha-bootonly.iso) = f74f9d9b6e8e956bd5e96694ea8d8355
  I jsut resync these files from, so I believe there must
  be something wrong, can someone check this on and
  ftp-master? Thanks.
Rong-En Fan,

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