New Freebsd WWW mirror

Alexandr Kovalenko never at
Wed Apr 23 05:27:15 PDT 2003

Hello, Carlos Filipe!

On Wed, Apr 23, 2003 at 11:59:00AM +0100, you wrote:

> >>Could you possibly get in touch with hostmaster at and try
> >>to arrange for them to give you a hostname under the
> >>domain, e.g.
> >
> >
> >Curious, who is the correct point of contact for  I sent 
> >mail last Friday to hostmaster@ asking for a * CNAME for 
> >our CVSup, FTP, and WWW mirrors ( and I got an 
> >auto-response back asking me to send to dnsadm@ instead.  I still 
> >haven't heard back, but it was Easter weekend and it is still spring 
> >break in a lot of places, so it's understandable. (but a ACK that the 
> >request was received would be nice) ;)
> >
> >-Peter
> I've sent an email to hostmaster at asking for a CNAME for 
> the mirror, about a month ago, but until now I haven't got any reply, so 
> I posted a message on the mailing lists.

Try contacting root at or hostmaster at, as long as in SOA
record of zone it stated as contact person.         8H IN SOA (

NEVE-RIPE, will build world for food
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