9.0 on ProLiant G5

Alex Keda admin at lissyara.su
Mon Mar 12 18:20:48 UTC 2012

On 12.03.2012 11:52, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
> On Sunday 11 March 2012 17:40:42 Jim Pazarena wrote:
>> Alex Keda wrote, On 2011-12-04 10:46 AM:
>>> 03.12.2011 03:20, Jim Pazarena пишет:
>>>> I am very unsure 'where' to post these observations.
>>>> I have both an HP ProLiant DL380 G7
>>>> and an HP DL185 G5
>>>> while 9.0B2 installs fine on the G7,
>>>> On the G5, it 'hangs' during the boot process while
>>>> interrogating the USB ports.
>>> you can disable USB ports =)
>> The release version of 9 -still- hangs during USB interrogation.
>> I am unable to disable the USB ports, as I use a USB cd/dvd
>> reader on this rack mount server.
>> I need a solution to perform an install which includes having the
>> USB not hang during the process.
>> Any ideas would be most appreciated.
> What are the last couple of messages printed?
i have it's problem with DL365 G5, 9.0 AMD64 GENERIC

screen from this machine, 8.0 amd64 GENERIC

last line on 9.0 with enabled USB in BIOS:
>  usbus3: 480....
last line on 9.0 with disabled USB in BIOS:
 > usbus0: 12....

verbose boot on 9.0 fails, with kernel panic and reboot

I think, may be it devices from iLO...

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