Intel DP45SG motherboard problem (amd64)

Andriy Gapon avg at
Thu Feb 25 16:18:13 UTC 2010

on 25/02/2010 15:02 John Baldwin said the following:
> Hmm, the checksum for the XSDT is bad.  You can try hacking
> src/usr.sbin/acpi/acpidump/acpi.c to disable the checksum check for the XSDT.
> Just look for the 'XSDT is corrupted' string in that source file and comment
> out the call to acpi_checksum().  Something like this:
> 		rsdp = (ACPI_TABLE_HEADER *)acpi_map_sdt(rp->XsdtPhysicalAddress);
> 		if (memcmp(rsdp->Signature, "XSDT", 4) != 0 /* ||
> 		    acpi_checksum(rsdp, rsdp->Length) != 0 */)
> 			errx(1, "XSDT is corrupted");
> 		addr_size = sizeof(uint64_t);
> Then see if acpidump -d -t gets any further.  I would also look for a BIOS
> update perhaps, and/or complain to your motherboard vendor that their BIOS is
> broken.

BTW, I googled for 'DP45SG XSDT' and addition to this thread it turned up some
linux boot logs with complaints about invalid XSDT checksums.
But linux seems to be more forgiving, it's just a warning.
E.g. see here (search for XSDT):

Andriy Gapon

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