Building a file server for home

Dan Langille dan at
Thu Feb 11 12:30:40 UTC 2010

Patrick Proniewski wrote:
> On 11 févr. 10, at 04:05, Dan Langille wrote:
>> In short, I'm pretty much decided upon this case:
>> * Athena Power CA-SWH01BH8 Pedestal case
>> *
>> * contains 2 SATAx4 Hot-Swap HDD bays
>> * sounds like good value for a case with hot swap
>> * got a better case?
> I would probably go for a SuperWorkstation (, like 
> this one for example: 
> It's more expensive, for sure, than a combo of Athena case / MSI board, 
> but it surely rocks.

 From Newegg, it's $900 :

Considering the case I wanted is $270.

Going with rough guesses:

  * add PSU - $140
  * add M/B - $200

And we're at $610

But the M/B I'm getting with the Supermicro is actually a $500 m/b.

> As a cheaper alternative, you might want to consider buying a SuperMicro 
> (or Tyan) motherboard to put into your Athena case.

That may be an option, but if I did that, I don't think I'd be buying 
the above board.

I take it you are using the above server?  If so what RAM and CPU did 
you put into it?

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