computer keeps rebooting

Adam Townsend desnudopenguino at
Thu Jul 16 20:23:41 UTC 2009

On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 4:00 PM, Lowell Gilbert <lgusenet at>wrote:

> Adam Townsend <desnudopenguino at> writes:
> >                                If I bump the processor back down to 3.8
> GHz
> > it runs perfectly fine (ran it over 24 hours straight w/o any problems).
>  My
> > Motherboard won't let me overclock past 4.2, it throws an error in the
> > about it, so the hardware can handle 4.0.
> Not that I'm positive it's your problem, but that last statement is
> categorically wrong.  If the parts were all in spec to run at 4GHz, it
> wouldn't be called *over*clocking.  It may work on some of these
> systems, but you don't get any guarantees when you go beyond the
> specifications (in fact, that's what the word "specifications" means).

True...  I like to push things a little sometimes & see what they can do.
It's no big deal that it doesn't work @ 4GHz, it runs great @ stock speed.
I just noticed this while I was messing around & thought I'd ask.

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