SMART threshold exceeded

S.G. tempo.raneo at
Thu Sep 18 02:21:58 UTC 2008

Hi Randy,
I've reads some posts by you about SMART threshold.
I have a notebook, XPS 1530 by Dell, with a Seagate 7200rpm 160GB HD. 
The HD received a shock by impact (object falling on the notebook while 
turned on), and there are errors (LBA bad sectors). I have Zero Filled 
the disk many many times, and apparently the LBA are much lesser. A 
Seagate Technician told me that if after two Zero Fill the Seatools Long 
Test would have found no errors I could have used the drive again. He 
told that bad sectors was not a bad thing, "error" was something worse 
than bad sector.
So, I supposely could use the drive. But Seatools says that SMART is 
Tripped, and the Dell Media Direct program, who need to install its own 
partition before the OS installation (before any other partition can be 
created by the OS during its install), it was not able to create it 
because "SMART threshold exceeded on ATA device".
But I am allowed to install the OS (VISTA Home Premium).
ALl the errors were in the last part of the disc, the last 8GB. So, I am 
creating 3 partitions, the first for Vista, the second for datas, the 
third for pagefile, and I am leaving the last 8GB of the disk not 
partitionned, not allocated.
DO you think it is reasonably safe?
Thanks for your help

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