PCI-X SATA Card + Server Recommendation

Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Sun Oct 26 22:43:03 UTC 2008

On Sunday 26 October 2008 21:49:35 Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
> > Ouch.  I was thinking more along the lines of a dead-simple SATA card in
> >   the under $50 range.  I'm not up at all on PCI-X stuff, but I assume I
> > can go with a normal PCI card, right?  Or 64-bit PCI (or is that PCI-X)?
> > What kind of performance hit would I have going from a PCI-X card to
> > something else, and if I remove the PCI-X restriction, is there another
> > recommended card?

In the "cheap and it seems functional in my 4-drive GEOM mirror setup" -- 
software raid, so easy to migrate, there's SiI3124-based cards. Addonics makes 
a 4-port PCI-X card which I ran in a 32-bit PCI slot for a while. Note that 
these don't do any kind of HW raid, so it might not be applicable at all (I 
haven't read this entire thread).

There's also a 2-port 3132 based PCIe x1 card and a 4-port PCIe x4 card (I 
suppose that's 3124 again, but don't know). It's all the same architecturally, 
and supported by ata(4).


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