RAID 5 - serious problem

MeX mex at
Wed Oct 15 13:41:49 UTC 2008


On Str, Október 15, 2008 15:15, Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
> Are you using the Matrix Storage Technology?  If so, immediately stop.
> FreeBSD's support for this is very, very bad, and will nearly guarantee
> data loss.  There are many of us who have tried it, and it's known to
> be buggy on FreeBSD.
> I recommend you stop using this feature and start using ZFS or gvinum
> for what you need.

do you think that ZFS code in FreeBSD 7.0-R (7.1-R) is enough stable for
using it in production environment for RAID-1 even also for RAID-5?

About 5 years ago I tried vinum for RAID1 if I remember clearly, but I
never tried gvinum. It's production ready piece of cake?

Many thanks


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