Frebsd 7-STABLE, atapicd, atapicam and Intel errors [SOLVED]

Jan Sebosik sebosik at
Wed Nov 19 04:56:40 PST 2008

Jeremy Chadwick napsal(a):
> On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 01:26:40PM +0100, Jan Sebosik wrote:
>> Jeremy Chadwick napsal(a):
>>> On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 01:16:33PM +0100, Jan Sebosik wrote:
>>>>>> But what about those atapicd problems? Is it related to SATA interface
>>>>>> of DVD/CD drive? Maybe also the LG drive has buggy FW :).
>>>>> Now I'm confused.  Didn't we just determine that your acd0 problems
>>>>> disappear if you disable HPET in the BIOS (which makes no sense, but it
>>>>> works, and is probably a BIOS bug)?  If so, then what's that got to do
>>>>> with SATA interfaces or LG optical drives?  Please help me understand.
>>>> No, atapicd problems are still there regardless of HPET setting. But  
>>>> with HPET enabled, when I kldload atapicd and then try to mount it 
>>>> with  command "mount -t cd9660 /dev/acd0 /mnt/cd0", I get neverending 
>>>>  "READ_BIG FAILURE" timeouts.
>>> What is the atapicd error?  I've read through the original mail twice,
>>> and I don't see any mention of atapicd errors.  Can you provide those?
>> Yes, for sure (I`ve mentioned them in my first mail)..
>>>> acd0: FAILURE - READ_BIG timed out
>>>> unknown: FAILURE - READ_BIG timed out
>>>> cddone: got error 0x5 back
> Hmm... I'm still confused here.  Let me see if I can figure it out.
> When HPET is enabled and you try to boot a FreeBSD CD, you receive
> the READ_BIG errors over and over, and it never stops.
> But if you disable HPET and try to boot a FreeBSD CD, it works.
> Once the OS is installed (with HPET disabled), if you run "kldload
> atapicd", you receive the following error:
>   g_vfs_done(): acd0[READ(offset=32768, length=2048)] error 5
> And if you try to mount the CD by doing:
>   mount -t cd9660 /dev/acd0 /mnt/cd0
> Then you start seeing the READ_BIG errors again, and they never
> stop.
> Is this correct?

No Jeremy, we don`t understand each other.. sorry for my confusing 
explanations in my previous postings.

I`ve FreeBSD-7 STABLE installed on HDD for a long time, so I don`t need 
to boot FreeBSD CD /w installer. Last I`ve updated to kernel from 13th 
November (via csup + make buildkernel/installkernel procedure). Before 
I`ve not used FreeBSD some time because DRI is not workin` with onboard 
graphics (Intel GMA4500, but Mr. Noland is doing great job here).

But now to the situation/problem:
   you are almost 100% right, but I`m not booting FreeBSD from CD, but 
from harddrive (SATA-300 mode). After I kldload atapicd, a see the error 
you have up there ( g_vfs_done() ), and also I`m unable to mount 
/dev/acd0 anywhere ending /w READ_BIG neverending errors. Maybe they 
sometimes ends, but after 10 minutes of waiting I`ve pressed hard-reset 

Maybe I should try -CURRENT sometimes with your proposed ata patches (or 
are they merged in right now?).

Best regards

Jan Sebosik, Slovakia
sebosik at

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