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i have recently aquired a compaq proliant 1850r it has 640 mb dram (i
hape to upgrade this to 4 gb, if this is possible) a PIII 600 mhz cpu
(this to be replace by a pair of xeon 550 mhz PIII, again if possible)

it has a compaq smart array 221 controller with a pair of 9 gb scsi uw2

it has been partitioned into two (2) logical drives with ms windows nt
v4 installed on drive 1 and i hope to install freebsd on drive 2,
currently it has a problem, freebsd boots and reports all as it shout,
except for an acpi error and an RSVD error bad checksum error (224) ??

it also reports "No SCSI drives found" and locks up solid when the boot
process get to teh detect the keyboar .. it stops dead in its tracks.
there is no responce at all .. no keyboard responce at all. the only
way i can get the machine back is by rebooting.

this is my first "server' grade machine and i have no idea how to
troubleshoot diagnose what is going on here .. till now i have been
using a couple of intel 386dx33 and 486dx33 and 486dx50 using freebsd
v2.2.5-release and v2.2.7-release, i have been using these machines for
nearly 27 years and freebsd well since it started and i stttled on v2.2
came out. but now is about time that i moved on and upgraded.

i also have a 5500r as well and freensd installed a treat on that it
has similar configuration, 4 gb dram 4 xeon 550 PIII and 90 gb scsi uw3
raid5 array .. it also reports a faulty acpi . i don't understand but
it seems to cause no problems, unlike the 1850r which seems to just
lock up afte it detects the keyboard ???

any thoughts, suggenstions pointer most appreciated.

most kind regards


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