Support for 3C996-SX? Or 3C985(b)-SX?

Johan Ström johan at
Mon Jan 29 13:33:34 UTC 2007


I'm about to buy a PCI 1000-SX network card, looking on eBay I've  
found both 3C996-SX and 3C985(b)-SX cards.
Looking at 
i386.html#ETHERNET I can find "3Com 3c996-T (10/100/1000baseTX)", but  
not the SX?
However, on 
i386.html#ETHERNET I can see "3Com 3c996-SX, 3c996-T".
So, has the -SX support been removed or something?
 From the if_bge.c changelog ( 
src/sys/dev/bge/if_bge.c) I found this:

Commit message by wpaul
 > Lastly, teach the driver how to recognize a 3c996B-SX by checking
 > the hardware config word in the EEPROM in order to detect the media.
 > We attach 5701 fiber cards correctly now, but I haven't verified that
 > they send/receive packets yet since I don't have a second fiber
 > interface at home. (I know that fiber 5700 cards work, so I'm
 > keeping my fingers crossed.)

But this is from 4 years ago so.. not pretty recent and no followup  
in the log.

So, is it supported or not? :)

Also i found some 3c985(b) cards on eBay, a bit more expensive ($10  
or so..), but this uses the ti driver instead of bge. And from what I  
can see this driver does not support ALTQ. However, im not quite sure  
i will need it anyway, since I will runt VLAN interface ontop of the  
device (and both bge and ti supports vlan), and vlan does not support  
altq anyway (which is kind of boring, any plans for it?)

So, any suggestions? Which card should I choose? Or some other  
popular card in the same price range (ebay price range that is..)?


Johan Ström
johan at

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