HP BL460c

John Baldwin jhb at freebsd.org
Tue Apr 10 23:22:19 UTC 2007

On Thursday 05 April 2007 09:55, George Kontostanos wrote:
> Hi John,
> I tested the blades on the AMD platform with the Embedded NC370i Network
> adapter and it works fine under 6-stable. I was wondering if there is any
> patch that I could apply under 6-2 release for that network adapter. The
> reason I'm asking is because we are talking for 3 servers 2ns and 1mail and
> it would make me feel better following the release branch.

You can probably just use sys/dev/mii/* and sys/dev/bce/* from 6.x-stable
with a 6.2 tree and it should work ok.

John Baldwin

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