FreeBSD shutting down unexpectedly

Yuri Lukin freebsd at
Fri Mar 17 16:36:17 UTC 2006

soralx at wrote ..
> be sure to check Tcpu in BIOS before trusting mbmon (on my board, mbmon
> show CPU temperature ~20*C lower than BIOS; chipset temp & other data
> seem to be OK)
> see Intel's datasheets for power consumption, Tmax, etc.
> you can calculate approximate operating temperature by multiplying heat
> dissipation value (which is about equivalent to power consumption) by the
> cooler's thermal resistance (expressed in K/W or *C/W).

You were right, I checked the BIOS hardware monitor and found out that mbmon
was reporting the temperature 20*C lower then the BIOS. This brings my avg
Tcpu to around 55*C which seems somewhat high considering Intel's 
datasheet says my processor is rated for a max of 69*C. 

Should I be worried?


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