Quiet computer

David King dking at ketralnis.com
Sun Aug 20 06:36:22 UTC 2006

>> I am looking for a small computer that is silent or very quiet to  
>> sit in
>> a home office.I use this one (3 ethernets):
> http://shop.tronico.net/pd1100964260.htm?categoryId=0
> with 7-CURRENT and I've happily replaced an AMD K6-III 450/384MB Ram
> using a 4GB Microdrive ( but thats not even close to dualcore =) ).
> [it could have more RAM tbh...]

Wow, that's a pretty sexy machine. But unfortunately not beefy for  
me :) It's quiet, but actually a downgrade in terms of CPU and RAM

>> It's replacing my very aged 350 mhz server, which I've had for so  
>> long
>> because it's so quiet.
> You really need 2 cores then?

Well, my 350 mhz machine *was* going to be replaced by a quad 700mhz  
machine that I picked up for cheap (for sale now, if anyone is  
interested), but my home office is now occupied by a long-term guest  
that isn't willing to deal with the quite loud sound that it  
produces. 4x700 is certainly way more than I need, but I couldn't  
pass it up at the price-point.

On this 350 mhz machine, I've been meaning to run a specific  
application but the machine just hasn't been up to it. The problem is  
that it is quite CPU-intensive, and can remain that way for long  
periods of time, during which time I'd still like the machine to be  
usable. The easiest way to get around that is to compartmentalise the  
processor, which is easiest done with HyperTheading (which I'd like  
to avoid due to some bad performance experiences, and because it's  
only available on late Pentiums that require a lot of cooling) or  
with a dual-CPU or dual-core machine. I figure that nothing with two  
full CPUs is every going to be quiet because of the cooling required,  
but there are many dual-core CPUs built around notebook chipsets that  
can be quite quiet. My MacBook Pro, for instance, is dual-core and  
very quiet, and so is the Mac Mini (which I'd quickly buy if anyone  
has anything great to say about FreeBSD on it, especially if the  
automatic-booting problem is fixed and we can boot directly from EFI).

> How about:
> http://www.tomshardware.com/2005/06/21/the_next_generation_of_cool/ ?
> (this isn't dualcore as well - but signifcant faster than 350mhz)

That's a great motherboard and processor combo, but I don't know much  
about building cases and fans that reduce vibration and sound, so I  
was hoping for a ready-made solution like Tranquil-PC.

I also looked at soundproof enclosures (<http:// 
www.kellsystems.co.uk> <http://www.keyzone.com/tech/ 
whisper_cabinets.htm> <http://www.acoustiproducts.com/en/ 
acoustirack.asp>), but I can't seem to find any in the 6-24U range  
for less than $800

Any other ideas?

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