what about highpoint 1640 SATA RAID controller ?

Alessandro de Manzano ale at unixmania.net
Mon Nov 28 14:47:07 GMT 2005


well, subj already says ;), however I'm planning to buy a good,
supported and possibly not very expensive SATA RAID PCI controller for
my FreeBSD server (an IBM x206). I'll install FreeBSD 6.0-R from

Googling around I found the Highpoint RocketRAID 1640 PCI 32bit SATA
RAID 0,1 (5 ?, 10 ? docs are not very clear) controller.
I'm mainly interested in RAID 1 (mirror) with RAID 5 as a plus.

Anyone already using it could please provide my feedback ? It's well
supported ? (reading ata(4) and ataraid(4) seems yes but...)

Works ok ? it's a RocketRAID V2 or V3 metadata (according to ataraid(4)
only V2 is read-write supported)

Any suggestions, recommendation, hints, etc. are very welcome ! :-)

Many thanks in advance!!




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