hptmv support on AMD64

Mike Jakubik mikej at rogers.com
Wed Nov 16 15:23:23 PST 2005

Scott Long wrote:
> I updated the hptmv driver to include amd64 support in time for the 6.0
> release.  Have you given it a try yet?
> Scott
Yes i see this now, just went over to look at the CVS repo. I have tried 
6 myself and run -CURRENT at home, but my client requires 5.4, as the 
primary application (Plesk) does not support 6.0 (yet). I'm tempted to 
install 6.0 and just enable binary support for 5.x and the compat libs, 
but i don't want to risk any problems. Do you know when this is expected 
to be MFC'd to 5.x? If not, would it be safe for me to do so manually on 
my system? Thanks for the quick reply, and all the work.

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