embedded system based on FreeBSD

samwun at telpacific.com.au samwun at telpacific.com.au
Tue Nov 15 15:35:28 PST 2005


Does any one know any low-cost SBC for FreeBSD? Soekie is too expensive
for my project. I m looking for a low-cost SBC under $100 USD or even
lower, around $70 USD. SBC from ARML**** is selling very cheap, but
unfortunately FreeBSD does not have a completed port to ARM yet. I won't
use netbsd because it doesn't even recognise my SCSI card/hard disk.
Therefore, the only left SBC is those well supported from eg. AMD or
Intel, etc..
If anyone can drop me an email and let me know where can I source some of
these SBCs, please do let me know.

Your suggestion is very well appreciated.


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