Dell PowerEge 2850 and RAID

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Fri Jun 24 09:43:59 GMT 2005

Stephane Raimbault wrote:

> Basically, LSI now supports FreeBSD and 5.4 seems to have the updated  
> drivers... so what does this mean?
> Well, I discovered that the PERC 4e/Di Raid card is the same thing as  
> the LSI MegaRAID 320-2X.  So if you go to and go to  
> the download section and find the downloads for the "LSI MegaRAID  
> 320-2x" you will see that there is a "driver" for FreeBSD.
Way cool, and *thank you* for sharing the information.

I think it would be good if anyone using this driver (and liking it) 
were to email LSI and tell them.  Give them some positive feedback for a 
positive decision.  Possibly the next step would be to convince them 
that a source code driver would be even more liked!

Thanks again,


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