Server motherboard question

Jiri Novak bati at
Fri Jan 21 04:00:38 PST 2005

I have been assigned a task of choosing motherboard for our "next 
generation" server, and I need a little advice.
After a week of surfing through hw compatibility list and mobo 
manufacturers websites I have came to conclusion that I don't know 
enough of current PC hardware :)

This is what is required:
CPU - AMD(64?) maybe dual
Disk subsystem - SATA, HW RAID would be nice (0 is sufficient, 0+1 would 
be better), but I can easily replace that with (g)vinum
Network adapter - definitely gigabit ethernet, dual would be nice
Memory - about 2-4Gigs of RAM

Can anybody recommend a motherboard which will not have any problems 
with FreeBSD 5.3 and have those outlined features?
I came with some boards from MSI (MSI K8D Master3-133 and MSI K8N 
Neo4-Platinum), which have what I need, but I'm sceptical about chipset 
support in FreeBSD, anybody usess them? I generally also like Tyan 
motherboards (f.ex. Thunder K7X Pro, Tiger K8W(S)...), again, anybody 
using these boards with FreeBSD?
I would like to make up about 4-5 solutions from single Athlon to dual 
Opteron and let our management choose the right one price-wise :)
     Jiri Novak
<novak at>

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