USB to serial converters anyone?

Nils Holland nils at
Fri Jun 25 09:42:05 PDT 2004

Hi folks,

well, I'd be interested if anybody has a clue on how my chances are to get 

ugen0: vendor 0x0421 Nokia Connectivity Cable DKU-5, rev 1.10/3.0a, addr 2

thing to work under FreeBSD. It is a cable that connects Nokia mobile phones 
(like the 6100, for example) to a computer. On the computer-side, it features 
an USB plug with some built-in electronics, while on the phone-side there's a 
"non-standard" plug that Nokia folks call PopPort.

In practice, however, this cable seems to be nothing more than a normal 
USB-to-serial-adaptor, since: (1) there's also a "real" serial cable 
available that can be used for the same purpose as this USB thing; and (2) 
under Windows, this USB thing basically provides you with a virtual COM port 
that you can use to send AT-commands to the phone, or use Nokia's own 
utilities over.

So, any experiences anyone if there's a chance to get this very cable, or 
USB-to-serial-adaptors in general, to run under FreeBSD? I currently don't 
think that such stuff supported, so I expect I'll have to go out and purchase 
the above mentioned "real" serial cable if I want to access my phone from 
FreeBSD. However, I thought I'd might ask first, because - as always - I may 
be wrong. ;-)


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