[freebsd-amd64] Possible 3ware 8506-12 SATA Controller issues...

Paul Saab ps at mu.org
Wed Jun 23 11:32:19 PDT 2004

Vinod Kashyap (vkashyap at amcc.com) wrote:
> Officially supporting a platform will need the driver to go through
> a thorough QA process, and therefore need QA resources (not me).  Also,
> there has to be this... ROI... :-)  All in all, it's not my call!

Then you wont complain when I make it work and commit the changes because
we're a multi-platform environment and want the drivers to work on as
much of the hardware as possible.  People are not asking for official
support of all the architectures, but they want to know that the driver
will atleast work for them.  3ware just doesn't seem to understand the
project at all.

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