3ware Escalade 7506-4LP in PCI-X 66MHz slot?

Matthew Reimer mreimer at vpop.net
Wed Jun 16 13:23:42 PDT 2004

freebsd_daemon wrote:
> dear list,
> I am planing to build a small DB-server and want to use a hot-swap capable
> Raid 5 array of IDE disks for the data. I am going to use FreeBSD 4.10R.
> I would like to use a 3ware Escalade 7506-4LP controller which is suppost to
> require a "PCI 2.2 compliant 64-bit/66MHz bus" slot.
> The mainboard I am considering (Tomcat E7210 S5112G2NR) has a PCI-X 66MHz
> slot.
> Will the 3ware controller work in that slot?
> zheyu

It will work *if* the controller is not plugged into a riser card. We 
have a 7506 that is plugged into a 66MHz slot on a riser card that was 
very flakey until we turned the speed of the slot down to 33MHz. There's 
a tech note on 3ware's site about this (some riser cards are noisy 
enough to mess up the timing).


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