FreeBSD crash on 2xCPU with HTT motherboard, help....

Andrey Kotrekhov kota at
Fri Feb 27 14:28:39 PST 2004

Simon wrote:

>Have you tried with ACPI support disabled? what about HT disabled?
>do a burn-in test without any changes to see if you can cause the
>server to crash and then with those 2 features disabled to see if it still
>crashes and take it from there. If it still crashes, try FreeBSD 4.9-R
>to make sure it is not your hardware.
We have the same computer under 4.9R without problem.

But we have another computer with FreeBSD5.2 with 1 HTT CPU and it work
fine under havy loading.
We use even mapping pthread to kse library for any process (we have many
threaded processes on this computer)
And there is no problem.

Computer with problem doesn't use kse library in any process as I know.

Does anybody use 2 HTT CPU computer under FreeBSD5.2?

Is it right list for discussing this problem?
Can anybody recommend me another maillist where I can ask about this


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