Need a mainboard recommendation

Patrick Hurrelmann outi at
Wed Apr 28 23:48:32 PDT 2004

Jens Schweikhardt wrote:
> hello, world\n
> I've been trying to find my Perfect Board(TM), but had no luck browsing various
> vendor's product pages. It seems that always one of my non-negotiable features
> is missing:
> 1. Single CPU
> 2. FSB800
> 3. At least 1 PCI-X (64bit) slot
> 4. AGP slot    (on board ATI RAGE with 8M and no DVI like on Tyan is right out)
> In case you wonder: I want to build a fast desktop machine, whithout the
> 133MB/s bottleneck that a 32bit PCI slot has (for U320 SCSI with 4 fast
> disks).
> Regards,
> 	Jens

have a look at asus' serverboards:



i don't know exactly which of them has onboard video or a 800mhz fsb, 
but all are server/workstation boards with highperfoamnce and 64bit or 
pci-x slots.


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