Soundblaster live problems on RELENG_4

Don Tyson tyson at
Sun Jul 13 10:50:53 PDT 2003

> All,
> I've got an soundblaster live in my Dell Dimension 8300. But I can't get 
> it working. I couln't find the solution in the newsgrous/ mailing lists, 
> so I hope you can help me.

[dmesg and pciconf -vl output snipped] 

This was discussed around June 8 on the -current and -questions lists, and Mat Kanner published a patch on -current on June 8.  

The original poster discovered (as I
did) that the patch will correctly identify the card;  however, according to the original poster on another list, the card appears to actually
depend on Windows to work properly, so that somewhat-short answer appears to be that it cannot work without Windows.  If you or anyone else
discovers otherwise please let the rest of us with that card know.

Don Tyson

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