Bluetooth GPS

Maksim Yevmenkin m_evmenkin at
Sun Aug 24 11:21:45 PDT 2003

> > > What kind of service is it?
> > most likely Bluetooth GPS will provide Serial Port service. this way the
> > device will be compatible with existing software (it usually works
> > with serial ports).
> I see, so there must be some higher-level protocol. I'm wondering if
> there's a standard for it..

could be. i'm no expert in GPS, sorry. i've seen a couple of GPS receivers
and the high-level protocol is simple - just ASCII strings. it should be
very easy to figure it out - just need a serial port snooper :)

> > > Is there some free software available?
> > FreeBSD comes with Bluetooth stack - it does support Serial Port Profile.
> I know that you have been asked this question before, but I have seen
> no answer. How difficult would that be to have a Bluetooth support
> in FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE? For example, this Serial Port Profile only?

it does not work like this, sorry. Serial Port Profiles is based on RFCOMM.
RFCOMM in its turn based on L2CAP, L2CAP on HCI, etc. so you need to port
entire stack back to 4.8-R. i barely have time to keep -current development
going. i missied my deadlines few times already :-( if you have time to port
the code back to 4.8 i can offer my help.


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