Syskonnect 9843 Revision 2 not working on 4.8-STABLE

Emre Bastuz info at
Tue Aug 12 01:46:40 PDT 2003


I just plugged a Syskonnect Fiber GigE Adapter (64 Bit PCI)
into one of my servers running 4.8-STABLE.

During boot up the PCI vendor ID and the card type are
detected correctly but I can not configure any network 
adapter sk0 (though it´s included in the kernel with
'device sk').

Any idea why?

Syskonnect support told me that there are known problems
with the revision 2 of the NIC so I´m just wanted to ask
if anyone knows any workaround or something.

I choose this NIC cause I thought that it was greatly supported
by all BSD flavours. Seems it´s just another one of my lucky choices :)

Thanks for all suggestions.



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