Reverse engineering; How to...

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Wed Mar 28 23:27:16 UTC 2012


If there's a linux/netbsd/openbsd driver then you could work with us
to port them.

We in the wireless stack hacker group are sorely lacking developers
working on the chipsets that are out there.

OpenBSD tends to have a bunch of wireless drivers that Damien has
either ported or reimplemented from various (Linux) upstreams, so you
could use that as a basis for future work.

If someone has the following hardware AND can actually actively work
on helping me port support from OpenBSD/Linux to FreeBSD, please drop
me a line ASAP:

(These are all USB)

* AR9170 series NICs (Linux - carl9170, OpenBSD: ar9170)
* AR7010 CPU + (AR9280, AR9285, AR9287) NICs (Linux, ath9k_htc, OpenBSD: athn)
* AR9271 CPU+Wifi NIC (ath9k_htc/athn)

I've got documentation and reference hardware here, so I can assist in
helping debug and add 802.11n support. I just have no time to do all
the initial USB bring up of these things.

If in doubt, jump on freebsd-wireless at and start talking. :)


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