How to use pfind in freeBSD

Matthias Apitz guru at
Fri Mar 16 11:53:41 UTC 2012

El día Friday, March 16, 2012 a las 10:13:27AM +0100, Rodrigo OSORIO escribió:

> Hi,
> pfind and friends looks like kernel only function. I can suggest you to explore
> the sysctl(3) way to recover the kern.proc structures. There are fexw examples
> on the internet, you can check a code I wrote few years ago to recover the
> battery state in my laptop using sysctl ; hope this help.

Hi Rodrigo,

Thanks for your pointer to your page; the page has a small typo:

% sysctrl hw.acpi.battery

it should say "sysctl";

one question: how do you get the output of 'battery' into the status
bar (I'musing KDE 3.5.10).



PD: the lines of your mail are filled up to position 191 with trailing

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