Graphical Terminal Environment

perryh at perryh at
Tue Mar 6 09:11:26 UTC 2012

Brandon Falk <bfalk_bsd at> wrote:

> I havent tried tmux yet, but on my system im only able to get
> 80x40 with vidcontrol on one monitor. But with xterm in xorg
> i can get 319x89 per monitor ...

To get higher resolution than what vidcontrol provides, you'll most
likely need to run the display in graphic mode (which is what X11
does) rather than in text mode.  That means that you will need to
either use, or reinvent, the lowest levels of X (display driver,
window mapping) and at least part of the xterm/rxvt application
(terminal emulation, font rasterizing, perhaps scrolling).  You
could, however, eliminate the X practice of using the network to
connect the terminal emulator to the display; this would give you
an architecture resembling SunView (and its predecessor, SunTools).

I _think_ SunTools/SunView were proprietary, although it's possible
that Sun released the source code at some point.  You could try
doing some research with Google and/or the Internet Archive.

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