Never forget a special trick - Asking for the real information

Phillip Spring gatinhodosseussonhos at
Mon Mar 5 00:48:47 UTC 2012

Dear anonymous open-source enthusiasts friends,

Nevermind my previous question and please forget that this list is a place for any ingenuous subject.
I believe I have followed the instructions searching for answers before asking for help.
But the information I'm looking for surely isn't found by using apropos or man -k or even grep -ir. So...

Anybody already noticed the PID numbers from ps output increasing too much?
And after rebooting several times You realize that You are not alone?
Then You give up and simple watch the console messages talking with you?
But there's no prompt to login or to run a shell, only the cursor blinking!
You literally matrix out with others true rail transport modellers... really?
They talk about magic and utopia and You learn something special... very special!
The end.

Enough said, I just forgot the escape sequences to authenticate as console operator.
Yes, I admit I failed to my first lesson and I don't deserve any second chances.
If You think that magic and utopia I just said isn't truth, maybe we are on the same boat forever.

Otherwise just follow the book,



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