Code contribution: Further development of a Security Suite for Unix/Linux (Anoubis)

Kerstin Mende-Stief kerstin_mende-stief at
Sun Jan 29 19:42:37 UTC 2012

quite not sure, if you are the right people to contact. I spoke to
various BSD-people on German open source events like OpenRheinRuhr,
FrOSCon and Software Freedom Day and they recommended to contact this
list first.

I want to make a code contribution. The code is available at Sourceforge
and I am looking for a community, that is willing and able to further
develop the software.

The software is a security suite for Unix/Linux systems called Anoubis
and contains several security stages like sandbox, secure filesystem,
application level firewall and playground. It is written in C/C++ and
published under the BSD licence.

Available distros are, amongst others, OpenBSD and sources for generic

We at GeNUA developed the software suite on demand of a German Authority
(Federal Office for Information Security) a couple of years ago.
Unfortunately the project has been stopped after a while due to several
reasons and we on the other hand missed to build up a community to keep
the project alive.

The code has been last updated in early 2010. The latest version of
Anoubis is based on the kernel in OpenBSD 4.6.

It would be a great pity to waste the software and all the work we put
in. So I think it is worth a try to ask you, if you want to take the
code and keep it up-to-date. Integrate it into FreeBSD (ports), keep it
stand alone...just do what you want -- it doesn´t matter as long as the
code stays alive :)

Below are some links providing further information. Please let me know
if you are interested in continuing the project. I ask you prefered,
because we develop our solutions based on BSD and Anoubis would feel
most comfortable in BSD environments further on :)

We at GeNUA would be available for answering questions and giving you
support within the beginning of your work.

So please do not hesitate to contact me for further information. I will
be present at the GUUG Fruehjahrsfachgespraech in Munich in March, I´ll
be around at the CeBIT in Hannover and you can meet me at the Linuxtag
in Berlin in May. My jabber ID is onlyk at Phone me, mail
me.....find me :)

Thank you very much and I ask for your apologies if this post may have
bothered you. 

But I'd be so glad if I could find somebody, who takes the code and keep
it alive.

Best regards

Links: (german site)

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