FreeBSD has serious problems with focus, longevity, and lifecycle

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Sun Jan 22 14:39:49 UTC 2012

Doug Barton writes:

>  > That would suggest that the end users don't really lose on features by 
>  > delaying the new releases, since those features typically aren't ready 
>  > anyway.
>  I think "typically" is stretching it a bit here. As humans we
>  tend to focus our attention on the things that cause us problems,
>  rather than acknowledging (or even being aware of) the things
>  that are working well in the background.

	Also: how many (non-ports) developers out there remember bugs
(including performance issues) that weren't triggered until the code
went live?  One can argue it shouldn't happen ... but it does.

					Robert Huff

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