FreeBSD has serious problems with focus, longevity, and lifecycle

John Kozubik john at
Thu Jan 19 22:43:44 UTC 2012

Hi Doug,

On Thu, 19 Jan 2012, Doug Barton wrote:

>>> What I've proposed instead is a new major release every 2 1/2 years,
>>> where the new release coincides with the EOL of the oldest production
>>> release. That way we have a 5-year cycle of support for each major
>>> branch, and no more than 2 production branches extant at one time.
>> I think that at first glance, 2.5 or 3 years sounds completely reasonable.
> You're not following the math. :)  I'm proposing a 5 year support cycle for 
> each production branch.

Yes, you're right - I missed that.

5 year support, and overlapping 2.5 year majors ... provided that minors 
got increased to 3 per year ... would be fantastic.

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