Getting PRs fixed

Dieter BSD dieterbsd at
Thu Jan 19 22:30:32 UTC 2012

Igor writes:
> You mean something like: ?

Daniel writes:

Yes, something like these.

Stephen writes:
> You should get extra points for difficult PR's. One way to measure this
> would be to give more points for fixing older PR's than newer PR's.

Older might be harder, or it might mean boring, or seen as less important.
It might be worth giving more points for old PRs regardless, to help
get the old ones fixed. The main goal here is to get PRs fixed.
It just feels wrong to have PRs sitting around for years on end,
and if it is a significant problem you can be sure that the submitter
is unhappy about not having a fix.

A longer PR might be more difficult. A complex problem takes longer to
describe, and longer to fix, than just "there is a typo in the foo(1)
man page".

One problem is PRs that are closed without being fixed. Some of these
are legitimate (dups, submitter error, already fixed in newer release, ...)
but some shouldn't have been closed.

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