2 years student project

Matthieu Hauglustaine matt.hauglustaine at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 13:01:28 UTC 2012

Dear all,

We are a group of french CS students at Epitech, currently in 3rd year.
As part of our formation we have to start working on our end of
scholarship project. We will have 2 years to complete this project,
and the only obligation we have is to be "innovative".
The first step is to submit our subject for validation, and this must
be done for the end of the month,

We would really like to take this opportunity to contribute to the
FreeBSD project.
Our formation is focused exclusively on the "learn by doing it
yourself" philosophy and we have many projects in different domains
behind us (mainly in c and c++).

We've spent some time looking around the ideas presented on this page:
Lots of these projects are extremely interesting and, among others,
"porting HFS+" and "Space Communication Protocol Standards" are on our
list of potential projects.
Maybe their are other unlisted ideas that would be nice student
projects while still useful to the community?

However, what should be the first move here? Who should we contact?
Would someone with more experience in FeeBSD development take the role
of "mentor"?

We are hoping for some guidance so we could be as effective as possible.


Matthieu Hauglustaine

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