best possible GJOURNAL device?

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Thu Apr 26 17:42:21 UTC 2012

> In general devices like these that I've dealt with in the past are
> presented as SATA or SAS devices, but some devices require additional
> drivers (take Ramdrives devices for instance).

this one - as described - is 100% regular DDR3 DIMM and plugged as normal 

> Depends on the BIOS, the settings set in the BIOS, etc.
>> FreeBSD is but it can be patched easily.
> I wouldn't depend on volatile memory working in a non-volatile manner
> unless it's battery backed (which companies like Ramdrive, STEC,

this is supercapacitor backed. after poweroff it have enough time to write 
all to SLC flash chip.

>> How to get DRAM controller mapping i mean what DIMM is at what address?
> What is located where should be opaque if the designer designed it
> properly (otherwise a driver will need to be added to interface with
> the device if the vendor is trying to be clever or is not fully
> conforming to ATA/SCSI standards).

please read attached link. it is NOT SATA/ATA/SAS/PCIe device.

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