sizeof(size_t) and other "semantic" types on 32 bit systems?

Alexander Motin mav at
Fri Sep 30 20:51:34 UTC 2011

On 30.09.2011 23:30, Lev Serebryakov wrote:
>   I was surprised, when I discover that size_t are 32-bit wide on
>  32-bit (i386) system. Which "semantic" type should I use, for
>  example, for storing GEOM size in bytes in system-independent way? I
>  could use "uint64_t", of course, but I don't like this solution, as
>  it very low-level (ok, not so low-level as "unsigned long long", to
>  be honest).

GEOM uses 64bit off_t for media size and many other things.

Alexander Motin

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