[GSoC] About the idea: Unicode support in vi

Zhihao Yuan lichray at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 22:14:46 UTC 2011

On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 5:07 PM, Julian H. Stacey <jhs at berklix.com> wrote:
> Zhihao Yuan <lichray at gmail.com> wrote:
>> ed seems works, but it's not either vi or ex.
>> I'm not typically like ee... I sill wondering why we kept it in base
>> system. It does not work when termcap is not correct, so I still need
>> to use ed in such a case. Same thing happens to ex-vi.
> History:
>  ee was added long ago by emacs afficionado jkh@ for the
>  sys installer eg /etc/inetd.conf
>  Small vi clones in source were available then too, on DOS 3.2 & Minix,
>  One was called Stevie, I can't remember the others.
> Replacing ee with a mini vi clone would be a return to Unix.
> One would need to co-ordinate on <sysinstall at freebsd.org>

O-O-Ok... Let emacs guys do emacs stuff. I need to go looking for a
possible mentor on nvi...

> Cheers,
> Julian
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