looking for mature/efficient gui builder/toolkit/IDE for Python (or C for that matter)

Steve Franks bahamasfranks at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 00:51:34 UTC 2011

I'm interested in doing some graphical serial-port parsing software in
Python (or possibly C which I'm actually more familiar with) - anyone
care to render an opinion on the most direct route to a usable gui?

I figure Python is probably somewhat the preferred language these days
for GUIs given the large number of 'nix desktop apps that have been
showing up in python of late...

Last time I wrote a gui was in VisualC 6.0, so it's been awhile - with
VisualC it took about the same amount of time to write all the
coordinates for a GUI in the code as it did to draw it and hook up the
code; hopefully things have gotten a bit more streamlined - hoping to
spend most of my coding time on string parsing, not gui building...


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