UMA large allocations issues

Davide Italiano davide.italiano at
Tue Jul 26 18:19:39 UTC 2011

It seems that today I've some good news.
I've done some job.
Before I tried stuffs userspace , then I improved my patch a
bit )

So, the situation is follow. System starts (before it doesn't), but
I've a fatal trap 9, hmm, that's not great, and I guess that's not
fault of mine, it's caused from buf_hash_find() in arc.c
I've taken a look at arc.c code but doesn't seems that that function
performs large allocations.

What I've done is taking two shots (one about the panic the other one
about the bt

I thought in a first phase that the trouble was related to the fact
that there weren't enough chunks, so I increased CHUNKS_SIZE variable
(now it's set to 200), but the issue remains the same.




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