[PATCH] fake pre-processor macros when building on non-FreeBSD system

Robert Millan rmh at debian.org
Tue Jul 12 21:06:13 UTC 2011

2011/7/12 Alexander Kabaev <kabaev at gmail.com>:
> Whatever happened to using a proper cross-tool to do the job?

Why would one need to build a cross-compiler in order to compile
userland-agnostic code for the same CPU architecture?  This would be
like requiring a cross-compiler in order to build things like GRUB or

> Why is this hack needed?

The kernel tree expects flags like __linux__ or __FreeBSD__ to have a
different meaning when compiling for kernel space.  Instead of "we're
building code that will run on $foo", they mean "we're building $foo
itself". This assumption is correct most of the time, but not always
so.  My patch addresses some of the situations in which the assumption

Robert Millan

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