Why not give git a try? (was "Re: [head tinderbox] failure on amd64/amd64")

Mike Meyer mwm-keyword-freebsdhackers2.e313df at mired.org
Sat Jan 29 21:58:04 UTC 2011

Catching up on mail after a couple of weeks with the flue.....

On Mon, 24 Jan 2011 00:13:46 -0800
Garrett Cooper <yanegomi at gmail.com> wrote:

> - The one caveat to cvsup/csup that's awesome is its componentization
> capability, i.e. being able to selectively download components in src
> / ports; I'm not 100% sure but there doesn't appear to be a clear
> analog in git. It might be achievable through gits remote.<group> in
> git-config, git-remote, etc, but I would need to prototype whether or
> not this is true.

Since no one else mentioned it - mercurial handles this with

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