glabel on 9-BETA1

Mark Saad nonesuch at
Tue Aug 16 20:37:01 UTC 2011

 I was testing out an old bug and I am not sure if there is any known
work-around on 9-BETA/HEAD

Here is the  issue.  Install a new server , have it boot into
multi-user mode. Then attempt to use glabel to label the root slice

root at blindness:~# glabel label rootfs ada0p4
glabel: Can't store metadata on ada0p4: Operation not permitted.

In 7.2 and prior there was a sysctl that could be tweaked to allow for
this to work , kern.geom.debugflag set to 16 would allow this to work.

So my question is this. Should there be any reason why "glabel label
name device" on the root slice cause an issue
when the slice is mounted rw ?

Is this a bug ?

mark saad | nonesuch at

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