[RELEASE] New Boot-Loader Menu

Eitan Adler lists at eitanadler.com
Mon Apr 25 15:55:19 UTC 2011

> I'd love to finally release (under the BSD license) my code for the revamped FreeBSD boot loader menu.

Woot! Community contributions under a useful license :-)

> Here's the download:
> http://druidbsd.sourceforge.net/download/loader_menu-1.0.tgz

Painless installation - thanks!

>> And upon your next boot will use the new loader menu. A feature-complete sophisticated boot menu designed from the ground up.

The delay "loading boot menu" seems longer than it used to be. Perhaps
this is because I never paid attention or maybe because the "progress
bar" with the dots draws attention to it. Regardless this loader makes
a lot more sense to me than the original. I've always wanted to be
able to be into SUM && verbose logging or other combinations.

I tested this on a Lenovo G530 laptop and it seems to work fine with a
few different combinations as well as at the prompt.

Thanks for your work!

Eitan Adler

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